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About Melissa

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Despite baring my soul, I have been reluctant to put my name out there – but, as the site’s all about finding your identity, it would be pretty silly to keep mine under wraps.

Plus, you might be a bit interested in seeing some of the other things that I can do – or seeing whether Finding Melissa might be able to do anything else for you.

I am Melissa Wolfe, 29; born, bred, and currently living Hertfordshire.

I’m a Business Writer by day; a freelance copywriter, aka Wonder with Words, by night; and currently writing Finding Melissa in all the spare minutes that God has given me.

I have an English Lit degree from UCL; and – despite the interruptions – a strong academic history. As you’ve probably gathered, my career has been a little slow to get off the ground – but I’m now running…somewhere…..

Aspirations? Writing is my passion: I need it like I need fresh air -

- and, I think I’m pretty good at it.

Wonder with Words writes to order; Finding Melissa writes from my head and my heart.

Years of therapy have not been wasted: I’m pretty hot at getting to the bottom of things; at challenging what people think and helping them to look at things a bit differently.

Maybe I’ve been conserving brain power –or just become accustomed to problem solving; because, making the connections between the real world and the personal worlds that we all live in comes quite naturally; and, I’ve become adept at coming up with ways of understanding – and then managing the things we all go through.

Book reviews are my indulgence because literature is my love – but, it’s also one of the best ways to make sense of the world; and, just one example of how important words are to human beings.

Finding Melissa seems to be taking me on an exciting new journey – and I’ll keep you updated with where it ends up.

If you want to contact me about any of the above or just to throw some ideas around, you can email via this link.