Funding Melissa

Finding Melissa started as a literary exercise with some slightly therapeutic overtones. It was – virtually unashamedly – all about me.

Somewhere along the way, the goal posts changed and Finding Melissa stopped being just for me and started being something for other people.

This bit is all about everyone else.

If my honesty can help one person from thinking that an eating disorder is a good idea, it’s worth the effort.

If the stuff that I’ve learnt can change a few misperceptions or get people thinking differently, then this is a job well done.

And, if my story can offer any inspiration or comfort or empathy – well, the past 18 years might have happened for a positive reason.

Finding Melissa is not about making money and it’s not a charity; however, it has a message that is increasingly important to a culture that seems fixated on food and body image, and is swamped with people shouting the wrong message.

In order to try and reach the people that I might be able to help, I am starting to participate in talks and lectures, distributing literature and trying to raise the profile of my site.

If you’d like to link to the site – please go ahead; and, if you’d like some very brilliantly designed (thanks to all involved) postcards to distribute, please contact me via this link and I’ll put them straight in the post.

Alternatively, if you’d like to donate any money to help with the site, printing costs and google campaign costs, I’d be really grateful.

Most importantly, please pass on the site address to anyone it might help – it’s surprising how much better knowing that you’re not alone in your head can be!