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Eating Disorders and the Size Zero Phenomenon

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

I have broken my golden rule: blog is base.

In all the hype, and indecision, and shall-I-shan’t-I-ing, I have forgotten that everything starts here.

And so, to connect the dots, I want to include this video, even though some readers may have stumbled across it on other mediums. And, because it’s part of the story, whether I am proud, or embarrassed, or just a little red-faced about my nervous twitching around, I feel that, albeit belatedly, it belongs here.

The whole size zero issue wasn’t something I anticipated exploring and only tinged my eating disorder experience; however, you can’t change the debate if you’re not part of the discussion; and, whilst I certainly never saw myself doing this kind of thing 6 months ago, I wouldn’t have realised how rewarding it would be if I hadn’t given it a go.

This is only part of a wider talk, including some really important information from Professor Janet Treasure, that can be accessed at Gresham College’s site. I have also spoken on ‘Moving Maintaining Factors’, although it wasn’t (to the best of my knowledge!) filmed; and hope to do many many more.

The questions and discussion time has been the most rewarding aspect and, unfortunately, these aren’t captured here; but they did inspire this post on the ‘How do I Help? Question’ and informed some of the issues I have blogged about. Most importantly for me, they have helped to salvage some value or meaning from my experiences, and made me feel that I might be able to start using the past more positively.

When Thin is Meant to be In

Monday, October 5th, 2009

I don’t normally get engaged in the question of whether thin is in.

I’m not into scape-goating the media and I’ve always believed that anorexia is about what’s going on in someone’s head – and not what’s going on in the pages of Vogue.

I’m a little less sure now.

It’s not the anorexic appearances on the catwalks that have got me thinking or even the fact that modelling now seems to be a high risk career –

It’s because the trend seems to be spreading.

Thin is no longer just haute couture ‘in’; it seems to have got muddled up with notions of success in a whole host of other, completely unrelated, things.

Totally Un- Pro-Anorexia

Friday, September 18th, 2009

I’d be the first to concede that arguing with an anorexic is a battle –

But I’m ready to contest any pro-ana arguments; and, with 18 years of eating disorder destroyed life behind me, I’ll lay my track record on the line before being accused of not understanding.

A website encouraging anorexia may feel like your friend but it’s really just an extension of your worst enemy.

Airbrushing and Anorexia

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Airbrushing was the topic of today’s breakfast chat. They’re trying to get it banned. Again.

The inevitable link to the rise in eating disorders – and particularly those within the female under 18s group (apparently) – caught my attention, resonated with my distorted-body-image-peer-pressure-inappropriate-role-models debate.

The story’s old and I’ve been sceptical in the past (anorexia isn’t just about the vanity of meeting social expectations), a little indignant (I am capable of distinguishing between reality and illusion, thank you very much); but, there’s another way of looking at it that I’m happier to accept.


The Human Calorie Calculator

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

I don’t join in the communal calorie conversations.

As a reformed calorie calculator, I’m trying to de-programme my head and start seeing food as food – and not as a permissible or not permissible number.

The problem is, the worlds’ concurring against me.

There are traffic light systems and calorie counted menus and colour coded packaging and an obesity epidemic vying with a size zero culture -