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I have written a lot about the challenges in recovery. About how hard it can be to face the fears that fuel an eating disorder; and the enormity of the change required when an illness infiltrates so many aspects of a life. About the ambiguity that can arise around letting go of an eating disorder; and the tension which moving from one way of being to another can create.

I have written, too, about some of the treatment I received over the years. About how hard it felt to challenge the eating disorder so intensely and openly; and how tiring it can be, in this situation, to keep battling on. About how there is seldom a clearly prescribed route to wellness; and how, sometimes, you have to do a few things a few times before the penny finally drops.

About how demoralising the ‘failed’ attempts can be – and how overwhelming the elation, when life starts kicking back in.

A month ago, a powerful post on Miss Mary Max’s blog caught my attention. It referred to a girl in America, called Sofia, who is raising money to fund a treatment programme in her battle for life.

Her courage took my breath away.

It is hard to ask for help. It is particularly hard when asking for help means standing up to an eating disorder, and exposing your own experiences and fears. It is hard to keep trying. It is hard when money is involved.

Five years ago, my prognosis was bleak. I had done the circles of treatment and couldn’t see a way out. I stopped trusting that I would be able to get better, and life without an eating disorder became harder and harder to imagine.

I was thrown a life line.

I was also lent a bit of hope.

I know that the circumstances and the systems are different. I know that there is, potentially, a whole discussion on healthcare that I’m skirting round the edge of; and that treatment, too, is only part of the recovery process – but, at this point, it sounds like it’s key for Sofia, and I’d really like to help.

If you’d like to donate to Sofia’s Eating Disorder Treatment Fund, please click here.

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One Response to “Sofia’s Fund”

  1. Lola Snow says:

    This made me cry, and made me angry, and really made me think. Thanks for sharing, Issa.

    Lola x