I wanted to write something this evening. Not out of a sense of obligation or because a blog “should” be updated regularly, but because I have missed writing and I wanted the sense of comfort of coming home. It is interesting, upon reflection, that a blog or the act of writing can feel like coming home. It has only been a few days since I last wrote, but the changes have been immense and so they’ve distorted the sense of distance. I feel like I have travelled a million miles and been gone for a mini lifetime. In reality, it has been 48 or so hours, and 9 junctions around the M25…

The greatest journeys are always conducted from the inside.

I forget this, though it would probably fall under my lessons about life category. Sometimes, there is a seismic shift in thinking or a way of being that is at odds with how big or small the movement is on the outside. Sometimes, one small step beyond your comfort zone can dramatically change the landscape.

It is too soon to tell where I will end up. Tomorrow brings another suitcase and another hall, and it is still very early days. I suppose this is yet another pause to catch my breath, and re-orientate myself before I move again. Now that I’m doing, rather than acting, I have moved beyond the fear; but I am yet to throw the anchor down and there is still a disconnect: travelling can be a lonely venture, especially if it’s mostly taken place in your head.

This might explain the yearning to come back here, the longing to ground myself in words and create a written bridge between myself and the world. It might also be because I want to share this experience as it’s been quite amazing. Like stepping through the next door.


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5 Responses to “Travelling”

  1. James says:

    I love the image of writing being a bridge between yourself and the world. That’s evocative and makes a lot of sense. Brilliant stuff that really hits on why I write.

    Keep on moving, keep on writing! The journeys – both inner and outer world – are all exciting and it’s great to share in them… :)

  2. Evan says:

    Looking forward to hearing more about this journey.

  3. Lola Snow says:

    What a beautiful post Melissa, like etched glass and sunlight. I am glad that you are doing and I am happy that you see the good in it too.

    Much Love,

    Lola x

  4. There’s something beautiful about this post :) may your journey be a pleasant and fulfilling one :)

  5. Melissa says:

    I am the worst responder ever. Thanks for the support everyone – it is hugely appreciated and if my internet connection had been behaving and my head been a bit more organised, I would have let you know this ages ago. xx