Who’d Have Thought?

Who’d have thought, a few years ago, that I’d be doing the things that I’m doing now.

It is important, every now and then, to stop and reflect on the progress, even if the process remains hard.

We forget, sometimes, just how far we’ve come, because we’re worrying so much about how far’s left to go.

It is limitless.

So, I’m taking a pit stop and coming up for air –

Because, who’d have thought, a few years ago, when it felt like I was “all talk”, that I’d be sitting here writing stuff down for people to read? And who’d have guessed, if they saw me frantically dashing between food shops, swollen cheeked and skeletal handed, that it was the same person calmly sitting here today.

Not me.

Change is as scary upon reflection, as it is in anticipation; but it does, at least, prove that anything’s possible

Because, who’d have thought, five years ago, that I would be looking out of my own window, rather than staring at another bathroom wall. And, who’d have supposed that I would manage to eat, on a regular basis, without nose-diving into a binge or spending hours shuffling around peas?

Who’d have believed that being a normal weight, whilst hard, is not a catastrophe; and that instead of a blank diary or a schedule of food, my days would be filled with other things?

Not me.

Sometimes, the things that you didn’t dare hope for or you couldn’t really believe, can happen.

So, it’s important, every now and then, to take a little step back and acknowledge the improvement, because it’s easy to forget the distance travelled when the destination keeps jumping around.

And it’s helpful, when you’re getting tired of the journey, to take a momentary breather and a second to reflect –

Because, who’d have thought, a few years ago, that this life, with it’s colours and connections and energy, would really belong to me?

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5 Responses to “Who’d Have Thought?”

  1. kris says:

    Amazing! Beautiful that you took the time to remember how far you have come. Congratulations! x kris

  2. Abby says:

    Great perspective and great post. While I’m kind of at a low point right now, I’m not at my lowest and deserve to give myself credit for everything I have accomplished (and those things completely unrelated to food and exercise, namely).

    Thanks for sharing your pit stop!

  3. Really good stuff. I think stopping and taking those reflective moments are crucial for recovery – 1. to take stock that “yes, I have been suffering and trying to get better and 2. Yes, I have come a long way even though I feel like I’ve not made any progress.

    It’s important to remember that when you’re on a constant trip of grinding yourself down.

  4. Tiptoe says:

    I think reflection can be a great source of reminder of the place you’re in now versus then. It’s always important to remember your beginning.

  5. Melissa says:

    Thank you for the comments and sorry for the delay in responding – I do really value people sharing their thoughts.

    It has been so easy to concentrate on the things I’m not acheiving that I have somehow negated just all that I have done; and forgotten that I can acknowledge my acheivements rather than waiting for others to.

    I might start factoring in regular pit stops so I don’t leave it that long again! xx