Eating Disorders and the Size Zero Phenomenon

I have broken my golden rule: blog is base.

In all the hype, and indecision, and shall-I-shan’t-I-ing, I have forgotten that everything starts here.

And so, to connect the dots, I want to include this video, even though some readers may have stumbled across it on other mediums. And, because it’s part of the story, whether I am proud, or embarrassed, or just a little red-faced about my nervous twitching around, I feel that, albeit belatedly, it belongs here.

The whole size zero issue wasn’t something I anticipated exploring and only tinged my eating disorder experience; however, you can’t change the debate if you’re not part of the discussion; and, whilst I certainly never saw myself doing this kind of thing 6 months ago, I wouldn’t have realised how rewarding it would be if I hadn’t given it a go.

This is only part of a wider talk, including some really important information from Professor Janet Treasure, that can be accessed at Gresham College’s site. I have also spoken on ‘Moving Maintaining Factors’, although it wasn’t (to the best of my knowledge!) filmed; and hope to do many many more.

The questions and discussion time has been the most rewarding aspect and, unfortunately, these aren’t captured here; but they did inspire this post on the ‘How do I Help? Question’ and informed some of the issues I have blogged about. Most importantly for me, they have helped to salvage some value or meaning from my experiences, and made me feel that I might be able to start using the past more positively.

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6 Responses to “Eating Disorders and the Size Zero Phenomenon”

  1. Cathy says:

    Hi Melissa

    Well done with this presentation – which you deliver so eloquently.

    Best wishes


  2. Claire says:

    Just spotted these after reading your latest post.

    I remember how worried you where before you gave the talk (via twitter).

    Wow you did such a great job!! Thanks ever so much for posting them, I continue to learn so much from you.

    The last slide, I think links in with your latest ‘outcast’ post and just highlights how loneliness and isolation really affects your mental health.

  3. melissa says:

    Thanks! Was terrified and would have been ever more so had I been listening when they said they were filming it! Loneliness is a HUGE thing for me – but I think I’m slowly starting to break down some of the walls. Thanks to some pretty great support for my site! ;)

  4. thesamesky says:

    Thankyou so much for posting these! You speak so well, and what you have to say is such a vital message. I’m hoping to read a little more of your site when I’m feeling better (have been a bit unwell) but I’m already learning a lot. :)

  5. melissa says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and thank you so much for your lovely comments! xx