Mastering the art of a good nights sleep….

I find the fundamentals quite hard.

The Times Killer Su Du Ku is far easier to master than the ‘simple things’ like a good night’s sleep.

It is not, unfortunately, quite so important in the grand scale of things (a sleepless night is never a great start to the day); but, it does, at least, divert your attention from the swirling whirling thoughts…

Which is one of my main sleep blockers.

My sleepless nights fall into three categories: the ones when my head is talking too much; the ones when I am waiting to not fall asleep; and, the random unexpected nights, where I’m tired and relatively relaxed – and yet still can’t quite drift off.

This last category is the rarest; and, whilst highly irritating, is least problematic. I’m guessing its normal; and, if I’m feeling really positive, I’ll go as far to add that it’s a great reminder of how lovely sleep is -

Which is horribly easy to forget when you’re stuck in either of the other scenarios.

So, after spending more time then I’d like in both of these, and because they always coincide with those pivotal and life changing periods when you need all the help you can get (like stopping smoking – or starting eating – or breaking the binging cycle), here’s a few tricks I have stumbled over along the way…

  • The Nightly Routine
  • Things that don’t help

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