Leaving Behind in 2009

There are a few things that I would like to take the opportunity to leave behind in 2009, starting with a strange little habit that I have of separating each meal into its constituent food group and then knocking them off, one at a time, in the prescribed order: green (vegetable), orange (carbohydrate), red (protein).

Whilst New Years is traditionally about making new resolutions, I’ve decided that breaking old ones is equally acceptable; and, there are a few lurking habits that I’d like to shrug off as the clock strikes midnight –

So, I’m starting with the things that were useful – once – but have become a little outdated now (like colour coded plates of food); and, I’ve decided that it is fitting that I leave them to 2009, which feels a little less scary than abandoning them for no good reason –

Then, for good measure, I’m throwing in the things that haven’t made me feel so great this year. 2009 is welcome to keep the way that I chose to crumble under any word of criticism, for example; or, the fact that I need a nice big external validation stamp on just about everything that I do –

Because, from the moment that the clock strikes midnight on 31st December , I will be reminding myself that I have left these things behind, like unwanted luggage.

And, if I get a little nervous about the possible consequences of my actions; I’m hoping that my small changes will get lost in the fact that we’re moving in to a whole new calendar year where, by the very fact that a 10 will replace a 9 on a daily basis, things are bound to be a bit different.

And, when I find myself slipping back into the habits that have prescribed my eating patterns for the whole of this century (and then some), or the mindsets that have become second nature; then, I’ll be using the date as a line in the sand and reminding myself that –

Some things are better left in 2009.

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