I didn’t give much thought to forced starvation when I was really ill.

Anorexia makes you selfish.

The ‘you’d eat it if you lived in Africa’ line just got on my nerve.

I’m not sure that the discussion would be any more helpful to other people struggling with eating disorders; but, after reading a piece in last weekend’s Observer, I am trying to make sense of the fact that there are over a billion people out there going hungry – whilst I have struggled between choosing not to eat – or wasting food like there’s no tomorrow.

There’s something very wrong going on.

Are eating disorders a perverse luxury in developed countries – or do health trends evolve as societies and economies change?

Maybe it’s only natural that new struggles emerge when the fight for survival loses its urgency?

Or possibly we’ve gone so far in the other direction that the excess has triggered its own set of problems?

It’s a difficult debate, particularly for someone who has relished the refusal of food that others are desperate for, and made a career out of eating – and then throwing up – as much as she could get her hands on; but, it shows just how much we’re diverging –

It suggests that we are, possibly, developing too fast to actually learn from the process and we’ve got a little way to go before we get the balance between total deprivation or complete overload right-

Or climate change makes the decision for us.

If the predictions are correct, even the developed countries will eventually experience some shortfalls; and, maybe it will be easier to manage food when the perspective changes?

Or, maybe, we need to try and think about these things now, and see if we can avert, or at least reduce, the terrifying prospects for either extreme of the spectrum?…

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