A Good Dentist…

I don’t have much of my real teeth left.

If you’ve got bulimia, get yourself a good dentist – there’s stuff that they can do.

During my early phase of bulimia, the state of my oral health did not rate particularly highly on my list of priorities. The automatic self destruct button was jammed – and I was far too busy worrying about my next binge and where I was going to throw it up.

Before I cottoned on to the fact that everyone had worked out what I was doing, admitting to my bulimia was too risky to contemplate. Getting over the shame was one thing – but whether my admission would result in someone trying to stop me was a far greater fear…

Until I cracked a tooth during a particularly violent binge and the toothache started taking over my head –

It’s worth getting over the shame: they’ve heard it all before. If you want to keep it going, a dentist won’t stop you –

But they might be able to look after your teeth until you can start looking after them yourself.

They won’t concur with the bulimia – but they might be able to buy you a little time – and a damn good incentive to get better.

Practicalities to talk to your dentist about: Mouthguards and veneers to help the back of your teeth and gum health and when to brush – and when not to –

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4 Responses to “A Good Dentist…”

  1. Tiptoe says:

    This is so true about teeth and bulimia. I really ruined my teeth from it and will eventually have to get at least 3-4 implants at some point. Since I’ve finally really started to recover and ended the purging, my teeth are significantly better and the pain has virtually disappeared. Even though I may have a very high tolerance to pain, tooth pain was the absolute worst and yes indeed a damn good incentive!

  2. melissa says:

    Well done on your recovery! I agree that the pain became a key motivator in the end and, hopefully, by talking about it, we’ll help other people avoid the experience…

  3. Megan says:

    I can look back and laugh about it now, well, I guess I was laughing about it then too….but the condition of my teeth was the biggest fiasco on my wedding day. Six months before my wedding day, I had to have two teeth removed, a consequence of my eating disorder. One was a hidden back molar which did not require an implant …however, the other tooth (or lack thereof) was a little more noticeable.

    In the end, there was no way to have my permanent implant done by my wedding day. No big deal I thought, I would just get a temporary. Then, I found out my standard dentist was not going to be available. So, just two weeks before my wedding, I was left to search Chicago for a dentist that was credible, participated in my dental plan, and most importantly could make a temporary tooth ASAP!

    Eventually I found a dentist, and the day before my wedding / the night of my dress rehearsal, my family had to take me to pick up my darn fake tooth! It was not only uncomfortable, but it also gave me a lisp like nobody’s business. However, it was better than a toothless smile.

    The next day, the photographer arrived at the hotel to take us for pictures around the city. Glancing one last time in the mirror I realized I didn’t have my tooth! I knew I had taken it out to brush my teeth, but I had no clue where it went!! Frantically, I had all my bridesmaids searching the room, but to no avail. We had to leave for pictures otherwise we would be late for the ceremony. Trying to hold back my tears, I greeted my soon to be husband with mascara running down my face.

    Thankfully the photographer said she could easily add in some white for the missing tooth in the pics. I am not in any way, shape or form a fan of “photoshop,” but desperate times call for desperate measures. After getting back in the car to head to the venue, we received a call from one of my bridesmaids….”We found your tooth!” I had left it in my parent’s hotel room when I had popped up to visit. After a quick detour back to the hotel, I walked in and sheepishly ask the lady at the front desk if a tooth had been dropped off for a Megan. There IT was, all wrapped in tissue. Calm had returned!

    Even though I spoke my poem and vows with a bit of a lisp, our wedding could not have been more perfect. The temporary tooth was then left at home for the honeymoon and my nickname on our trip eventually became his “toothless wonder”…how romantic!

    Way too young to be having as much work done as I have had. But kicking butt at recovery, so I can only move forward and maintain them the best I can.

    Thank you for your thoughts and words.

    Generation Mirror
    “Revolutionizing Reflections”

  4. melissa says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your story – and showing just how possible it is to really move forwards!