A Lifestyle Choice?

I am a little perplexed as to how anorexia can possible be considered a lifestyle choice.

Lifestyle infers that you’re hoping to stay alive, so we’ve already hit the first snag; and choice infers that you’re in control, which is clearly an illusion as you discover when you try and escape

So the description’s wrong on all accounts…

It’s just a little worrying that we’re even describing a prolonged suicide in these terms.

Maybe when I was too ill to know that I was ill, then I would have subscribed to the theory. My anorexia was particularly good at justifying and explaining and promoting its cause, and a little social acceptance was always a winning argument: if you believe that society admires anorexia, the impetus to give it up diminishes.

Maybe if I hadn’t fought tooth and nail to extract myself from the grip of anorexia, than I would concede that, yes, eating – or not – is the individuals’ right. I certainly argued the case when people tried to get me to eat. It’s just that the moment the anorexia really hits in, you’re not making any choices.

Perhaps I’m getting too hung up on the terminology – but I’m a little wary of applying loose words to a lethal subject.

Perhaps I’m taking it so seriously because it’s hit me so hard – but then that just reinforces my earlier argument….

That anorexia categorically contradicts the notion of being alive, so it’s not about lifestyles –

And choice infers that you can change your mind at any given time – but in reality it’s not that easy.


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