Skipping With Flo Rida

It has been a bleak day – and so I have been skipping.

Not with a rope – I hasten to add – but kiddie style, with an i-pod and Flo Rida, and because the sun is shining, even though I have had a bleak day.

I have learnt how to cheer myself up now.

I have been shown a few little tricks to ward off the black clouds and evade the tug of addiction

A good long walk.

Exercise and endorphins: it’s a drag for the first ten minutes and then they kick in. If you’re angry, nothing beats the sensation of pounding out the stress; if you’re stuck in your own head, it’s good to get a change of scenery; if you’re struggling to make sense of something, things seem to click into place with the steps; and, if you’re none of the above – well, the sleep at the end is an added bonus.

Feel Good Music.

This can accompany the above or act as a whole new solution! I think it’s like the endorphins thing: there’s science between the tempo and the response – or something?

Feel good music is probably personally defined; but, for me, it’s got to be: something upbeat that almost makes your body respond; ‘good’ music, ie. something that you consciously appreciate rather than background traffic; and, something with a nice strong rhythm to kind of jerk you into action. Feel good music is not: anything soppy, overtly happy or overly sad; or anything that, historically, makes you cry.


This works along the same lines as walking, with the added benefit of being incredibly boring. If, as I do, you enjoy the sensation of water, the boredom is slightly tempered; but there’s nothing like the monotony of lengths to get your head in order and work through some difficult thoughts.

Laughter Therapy

This one has its own personal page. You can induce laughter – as long as you’ve identifed your personal triggers and have a few DVDs in stock. Just in case…

Phone a friend.

This is good but comes with a word of caution: sometimes people are out, and phoning friends that don’t pick up can have the adverse effect….

The premise is, however, simple: talking is a great elixir and it’s better to talk through the negativity than to get pulled down by it.

NB. Making it feel better is good when the negativity is caused by something external or something that is now over; ‘going with it’ is for the times when, unless you deal with it, the feelings will just keep coming back.

Going with it.

Going with it is not the same as wallowing. It is about recognising that you’re not feeling very nice – and giving yourself a break. This is what I do when I am feeling things that I know I don’t like – loneliness, fear, anger, hurt – and need to stay with them for a little while so that they can come out.

Going with it just means not trying to make it better – and learning that it will pass.

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