The Human Calorie Calculator

I don’t join in the communal calorie conversations.

As a reformed calorie calculator, I’m trying to de-programme my head and start seeing food as food – and not as a permissible or not permissible number.

The problem is, the worlds’ concurring against me.

There are traffic light systems and calorie counted menus and colour coded packaging and an obesity epidemic vying with a size zero culture -

Getting the balance right is obviously harder than it sounds, even though we’ve now got BMI and BMR and a whole range of other calculations to give us the precise scientific formula.

It’s an impossible situation. The population’s totally split. There are the blissfully ignorant and perilously overweight; the calorie jugglers and justifiers; a small section who’ve got it sussed and understand the science

– and I’m just trying to forget –

Because you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. You’ve got to take the number out of the equation – and put the focus on what’s actually going on.

When you’re upset about a few extra calories, your energy is diverted from the real problem. Whilst you’re busy going round and round in mathematical circles to allocate your daily allowance, you’re avoiding whatever you should really be thinking about. And, when your judgement becomes based on calorific consumption and a good day is determined by calorific intake –

You may be controlling the numbers, but it’s at the expense of whatever’s controlling you

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