Family and Friends

I’m not sure that I’m quite qualified to write this bit. I only have the faintest inkling of how hard it must be for family and friends. I don’t want to presume their feelings.

I don’t want to write their experience wrong.

I imagine there are some adjectives that fit – angry, frustrated, scared, hurt, sad, confused, desperate – but don’t do justice to the feelings.

I imagine that there are questions and accusations and things coming out the wrong way and things not coming out at all – but I don’t want to own their experiences.

My eating disorder had a nasty habit of taking precedence.

I won’t.

My eating disorder liked to dictate how people behaved.

I’m not going down that road.

I’ll just say what might help – without hijacking your own life and your own identity.

I’ll just say that it’s okay to be angry and frustrated and scared and hurt and confused and bored and resentful and all those things people feel bad about feeling – because watching someone suffer must feel like hell.

Trying to help someone who doesn’t want to be helped must be devastating.


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