Medicines and Medication

I am not a doctor, as you may have gathered.

I am completely unqualified to advise anyone on the pros and cons of anti-depressants, or the chemical constitution of psychiatric drugs, or whether Prozac will make you better or Paroxetine screw with your head –

I just come with two pieces of advice:

Talk to your GP because everyone’s different.

If you can, make your own mind up about using medication. It’s important to feel that you’re in control of the decision and that you’re making it for the right reasons.

Lecture over.

Whilst I didn’t use psychiatric drugs in my recovery, I did resort to a few medical solutions and writing about these might be more useful: eating disorders don’t just get you on the head level – there’s the double whammy of the physical impact.

Fortunately, GlaxoSmithKline and the like have been busy and the body’s a marvellous machine; but, it’s good to know what’s out there and it’s easier to stay on the right path when you can be optimistic about the recovery. With a touch of TLC, I’m hoping to repair some of the wear and tear.

Bad bones was the first big problem: osteoporosis at 19 is quite disheartening. Whilst nothing replaces a good diet, there’s some bone building medicine (alendronic acid) and calcium supplements that can help – as long as you’re also helping yourself.

The effects of bulimia are equally de motivating and can make themselves known a lot earlier. Potassium deficiency needs to be checked if you’re still unwell.

Crippling acid reflux? Gaviscon and a proton pump inhibitor can get the pain under control while you sort the behaviour.

Nausea when you try to start eating and stop throwing up? A good anti-sickness can break you through the barrier and kick start your body into tolerating food.

Teeth? A little harder, but a good dentist and a lot of honesty is really important.

Vitamin deficiencies? Worth checking and may take a while to shift. Anaemia’s common and can be helped with iron supplements.

Multi-vitamins are a good starting place when you’re in mending mode, and things like Omega 3 and fish oils are important to get you going again –

Drugs aren’t as good as the real thing; but; whilst you’re still adjusting your bearings, realising that the damage wasn’t forever kept me heading forward.

Seeing my body start to heal kept me motivated – and determined not to repeat the same mistakes –


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