Going Under – Hypnotherapy and NLP

If you’re hoping for Paul McKenna style puppetry, you might be a little disappointed. Hypnotherapy didn’t re-wire my brain or miraculously uncover the ‘big reason’, as I’d kind of been hoping for.

It did, however, shake things up.

A compete re-wire was not on the cards – but some subtle re-programming helped.

Hypnotherapy may not provide all the answers – but it shows you that they’re already in there.

And it helps you to decipher the code.

The thing about hypnotherapy is that it can take you back to places that you can’t reach on your own.

When you’re totally relaxed and talked through it all, you can rewind and clear up the mess, so to speak. You can do a little emotional detecting – and start to understand what’s going on and where it all comes from.

Like the fact that a lot of my illness was based on mis-perceptions I’d had as a child; and, therefore, going back to them as an adult could clear up a few confident crushing assumptions – and chip away at the foundation of the problem.

Or the idea that there was me – and then the illness; and, by separating them out a little, I could get some room to recover, I could make some space for changing and challenging things.

And the realisation that, through food, I was playing out a lot of irrelevant and unsubstantiated beliefs about myself; and, therefore, by working out – and working on – the beliefs, I could reach the trigger for the behaviour – and start to change it.

If you want a hypnotherapist to clap their hands and make it all better, my experiences won’t be that convincing. But, if you’re prepared to scrape the surface and delve around in the beliefs and experiences and perceptions and thoughts that inform what’s going on – well, treating the cause is always better than treating the symptom.

Plus, if your hypnotherapist’s also an NLP guru, you can start to understand a little about the human brain; and, when you’ve got your head around how you’ve gone off track before, it’s a lot easier to stay on track in the future.

Like the fact that thoughts are just thoughts – and not calls to action.

Or that you can write over the negative script with a little more uplifting internal dialogue.

Like the realisation that fear is only fear if you call it that –

- and what feels like failure is actually how we learn and develop and move forward.

The great thing about hypnotherapy / NLP is that it takes you further back than you can get on your own but it doesn’t leave you there.

It helps you to revisit and re-interpret the past – with the focus falling very heavily on the future.


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